Start Static – King Tuts, Glasgow – 25/09/15.

start-static-king-tuts-sept-2015--529This was a show I’d been looking forward to for quite a while. Not only because Start Static are a band worth looking forward to seeing perform live, but it would also give me the opportunity to purchase the very album that this show was set up to launch. Arguments has been a bit of a permanent feature on my Deezer app for some time.

Given that this was the official album launch it was no real surprise when the band took to the King Tuts stage and launched into ‘Reckless’, the album’s opening track. One good thing about doing an album launch show a good few months after the album’s release is it gives folk a chance to really get to know the songs, so everyone was singing along right from the opening riff.

It wasn’t surprising then that this was the case for each song as the band worked their way through a selection of tracks from the album. I loved the almost schizophrenic ‘Count to Ten’, the big chorus of ‘Pretty Little Bubble’ and the punchy ‘Can’t Stop’.

If one thing was clear from this set it was that this was a hugely important night for Start Static. Launching their self-produced debut album in such an iconic venue had the band bouncing from the start. Each song was delivered with fantastic energy and conveyed the band’s delight at being able to do what they do. And having such brilliant fun doing it.

As the set rocked to its conclusion in ‘Voices’ , yes, the last track on the album, John seemed intent on keeping the fun going by inviting everyone to the aftershow party downstairs. Tonight was a triumphant delivery of a very impressive debut album. Party on.

I was unlucky enough to be working the day after this show but throughout the day one song kept repeating over and over in my head – ‘Play the Record’. I can assure you I will be, again and again.

Alan Vaughan

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