Hector Bizerk – Òran Mór, Glasgow – 23/10/15

hector-bizerk-oran-mor-23-10-15There’s nothing quite like seeing a Glasgow band play a hometown how when they’re riding the crest of a wave. And so it was at Òran Mór when Hector Bizerk took the stage for Hectober; the release party for their limited edition The Tree That Never Grew E.P.

From the moment frontman Louie took the mic, the crowd were in the mood to do only one thing – party. Kicking off with ‘Party at A & E’, the band were sounding tight. As good as Bizerk’s recorded output is, it’s live where the band really come into their own. Tracks like ‘Columbus’ and the superb ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ really come alive when there is an audience singing along.

But, of course, the night was really about the new release and two tracks really stood out. ‘They Made a Porno on a Mobile Phone and Everybody Laughed’. As with so much of Bizerk’s music, it has a message. In fact in this case, two. Not only is it a tale cautioning about the digital footprint we all leave but it can also be seen as a damning indictment of the “lad culture” that seems so prevalent these days.

Second is ‘Empty Jackets’ which sees the band joined by Dundee’s Be Charlotte on vocals. With Louie taking shot’s at the London music label scene and their desire to exploit talent for financial gain, it gave a strong indication about what matters for Hector Bizerk. For them, it’s about the music, it’s about the message Louie gets across in his delivery and it’s about having a good time.

I think the night is best summed up by the reaction of a couple of friends who were there. They had told me earlier they had gone along despite not thinking they were fans. By the time I saw them at the end of the gig, they were red-faced and grinning and swore that it was one of the best gigs they had seen all year.

And, on that last point, I can’t disagree.

Graeme Campbell

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