Daydream Frenzy – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, 26th Sept 2015

Daydream Frenzy aren’t new to Musicscramble but they are new to me, so I had no idea what to expect when I was invited along to keep Gareth company while he did his thing with his camera. My curiosity was soon satisfied as they walked on stage just five minutes after doors opening.

Talking to Donald (guitar and vocal) before the gig his excitement at playing King Tut’s for the first time was hard to conceal. All the nerves were fully under control until, while walking upstairs to the venue, he made the mistake of reading the names of previous acts on the stairs. I guess this happens a lot.

However, none of this was apparent as they eased into their set with a short mood-setting instrumental before bursting into their full glory. As stated, this was the first time I’d heard the band and they really did blow me away. I’m a sucker for a classic guitar, drums and bass trio and the sound these three produce is huge. It’s easy for the full range of the guitar to get a bit lost in an attempt to achieve that big sound but Donald mixes those big chords, intricate fills and soaring notes with ease. When you add the tight bass and drums of Fraser and Hamish what you have is something much larger than its three polished parts.

I can’t really pick out one highlight from this set, I just stood back and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Alan Vaughan

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