Nieves – Matriarch

nieves-matriarch-ep-review-coverNieves latest EP, Matriarch, is a keyboard-led emotional slap at the minutiae of life and the big themes affecting us. The Glasgow-based four piece can be rightly proud of all four tracks.

There are few bands that can tell a story as powerfully as Nieves and the combination of Leur’s piano and Dafters’ voice sears the heartstrings, whilst the songs deal with the small personal stories and tragedies that are universally recognisable. Each song is a little peek through the window at someone else’s life where we are drawn into the drama by the upbeat tempo and the catch in Brendan’s voice. The first three tracks are big anthemic tragedies on Coldplay lines complete with upbeat pathos.

‘The Knot’ kicks us off on this trajectory, whilst ‘Legs and Arms’ and ‘Empty Book’ power us along in a sea of emotion and fat chords. The last track is ‘Black Tie’, a beautifully crafted haunting slow burner about the heartache and recriminations of turning off the life support of a loved one. A bleak topic for sure, and if this was played in a minor key it would be a wrist-slitter but the music conveys hope. Although darker than previous Nieves releases this is the most honest EP you will listen to this year.

Matriarch EP is available now.

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