Heyrocco – Teenage Movie Soundtrack

heyrocco-album-cover-artwork-teenage-movie-soundtrackOne of the best things about writing for Musicscramble is when you get something you’ve never heard of dropped into your inbox. And it’s even better when it’s as good as this. This is Teenage Movie Soundtrack, the debut album by South Carolina three-piece, Heyrocco.

Straight from the off, it’s packed full of hooks and choruses that grab your attention. With song titles like ‘Loser Denial’, ‘Virgin’ and ‘Jake Miller’s House Party’ you might think you’re in for some grunge-lite, nu-metal or emo extravaganza. But this is so much more than that.

Whilst the lyrical themes are of teenage love, high school angst, and the likes, they are delivered with a sharpness and caustic wit that raises them above the competition. Combine this with tunes that evoke Dinosaur Jr. in the case of ‘Loser Denial’ and ‘First Song’, Pavement with ‘Loser’ and ‘Mom Jeans’ and the Smashing Pumpkins with ‘Alison’ and you’ve got the makings of something special.

However, despite these comparisons, Heyrocco manage to rise above being just another generic alt-rock band. They take these influences and meld them into their own sound. For such a young band, they show a remarkable amount of maturity and ambition, nowhere more evident than on the six-minute album closer, ‘Happy’.

A wise man once said “Teenage angst has paid off well…” and that has never been more the case than here.

Graeme Campbell

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