Megalomatic – Hunt For The Midnight Sasquatch

megalomanic-midnight-sasquatch-album-coverIf you like your guitars heavy, your drums bursting and your face melted off completely by chunky bass then you want to get hold of this debut mini-album by Glasgow metallers, Megalomatic. With a penchant for the extreme and a distinct unpredictability, the songs on offer leave no room to hide. It is raw, unaltered music in its purest form.

Craig McKenzie will be the first to admit he’s no crooner. The humble straight-edge frontman of Glasgow’s latest young band to take a shot at the increasingly thriving metal scene, delivers an emotion-packed vocal over soaring guitar hooks in this deep, gritty debut. If you’re looking for a smooth, operatic baritone then you should probably leave this one alone.

Opening track ‘Electric Circus’ is fun. Its sideshow intro and subsequent stramash sets the mood early on as we prepare for a journey that will showcase the full extent and range of their talents.

Going slightly prog on ‘T-Rex’s Are In the Operating Room’ we are introduced to one of the best songs on the album. Shaun’s bass taking the fore, allowing Craig and Ben’s guitar work to take a back seat before ripping into a six-and-a-half minute long lesson in how to get the most guttural, bone-cracking noise out of four instruments.

It’s not all about the heavy stuff either as the album has its tender moments. ‘Progress.1’ is as close to a ballad as you’re going to get. Acoustic guitar and a haunting vocal akin to the hidden demos of early Smashing Pumpkins. It’s rough, but with a touch of polished lead running throughout we are bundled along whilst staring at contrast in its extremes. A truly honest piece of songwriting.

With a sludgy, thick sound to the majority of their work you’ll be surprised to find the subtlety produced on the intro to album closer ‘JLU’. This is an intro that leads to a melodic and somewhat subdued verse, giving way to an angsty duet during the chorus.

All in all this is an impressive debut from a band who don’t claim to take themselves too seriously but also know how to produce music in a raw form that reminds me of some of the best live bands around. Comparisons will always be drawn and I am getting the likes of The Sword, Baroness and Kyuss coming through. That said, this is a band who will also stand alone and be proud of producing a fine piece of musical history.

I will finish off by taking the time to wish bass player and general-all-round-mental-case Shaun a speedy recovery from his recent leg break. Hope you make it out on tour ASAP Shaun!

Alan Gray

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