Neshiima – Beware of Gifts EP

neshiima-beware-of-gifts-ep-coverGlasgow band Neshiima have finally unleashed their concept EP Beware of Gifts. The EP is accompanied by a comic that graphically illustrates the Japanese folk tale at the heart of the concept.

Neshiima have become stalwarts of the local music scene in the last few years. I’ve seen them supporting Akord, Huxtable and Divides and their sometimes brutally aggressive, sometimes surprisingly mellow songs have grown on me as the band’s sound evolves. This EP cements my like of Neshiima, I feel some of their live tracks were a bit hit or miss in the past but any reservations have been blown away as there isn’t a bad track on this offering.

‘Beware of Gifts from A Dragon Princess’ sets the scene with an oriental hint to the intro before bells deep under the sea usher in Liam Hesslewood (vocal) and the Heavies. As well as mythical Japanese dragon sea gods the gods of heavy metal thunder are present in spades as the band riff through an ocean of bass and drums. This cautionary tale plays out over four acts with eight powerful tracks culminating in ‘Play Your Part’ which finishes as abruptly as the comic.

At times screamingly raucous, mellower voices juxtapose and temper the whole, on first listen I really liked the death metal tempest overlaid with flashes of calm. For fans of the heavy riff and demonic vocal this is a must buy EP, the production is slick for a self produced EP and the vocals mesmerising, the comic is just the cherry on the cake.

‘Become the Ocean’ has a video which you can watch below.

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