Centrilia – King Tuts, Glasgow – 01/08/2015

centrillia-king-tuts-august-2015-live-1Take a suit of armour filled with a bag of spanners and you’re only a fraction of the metal provided by Centrilia on Saturday evening at King Tuts, Glasgow. This was Centrilia’s first headline gig and I for one hope it won’t be the last.

Centrilia are a four-piece metal band made up of musicians that have found some success in previous bands with a back catalogue of support slots that most would be jealous of, but as awesome as supporting the likes of Lamb of God, Fear Factory and Machine Head must have been, these guys deserve to be in the headlining slot every time.

The set kicked off with little introduction, the four piece (made up of Gavin on vocals, David on Guitar, Gareth on Bass and Andy on drums) standing around casually on stage all smiles (this clearly isn’t their first show). The lights dim, Centrilia begin and all is right in the world.

Centrilia have a formula that works. There is one bass, one guitar, the right number of pedals and some talented players behind their chosen weapons. The whole band is the rhythm section, the tone and sound of the bass easily filling the gaps left when the guitar goes a little higher up the neck for a solo, the drums consistant drive keeping the thing going at the right pace and the vocal style of Gavin is the right style for music that is as melodic as it is heavy. He sings when appropriate, he shouts when necessary, and he involves you in the songs.

Centrilia released an EP in 2013 but have worked hard on writing more material and there are some truly monstrous song in their back catalogue now. In an eight song setlist there were a couple of standouts for me. ‘The Fall’ having never heard it before had an intro that you just knew was going to lead into something special and it did not disappoint. Banging your head has never been as easy as you can expect the changes which give all the songs a consistent groove.

Even the slower parts had the crowd slowly moshing (slomoshing?) as it was impossible to stand still when being treated to such well-designed songs. They finished up with a track from their E.P called ‘Eyes of Fidelity’ which uses a longer slower intro than the other songs to give you time to breath but rest assured by the end of the song these boys have hit their stride again and seem to be putting all of their energy on finishing the set on a high.

Unfortunately for Centrilia the crowd are not satisfied as the “One More Song!” chants cry out and thankfully, there’s time enough to squeeze in ‘You Are in Error’, another standout from the EP.

This is genuinely one of the better sounding gigs I’ve been to in a long time. King Tuts is by no means a bad venue but I believe the band themselves should take a huge amount of credit for crafting a fairly unique sound which is a difficult thing to do in the metal scene. They blend styles throughout their songs without missing a beat. Call it what genre you will, Djent, Mathcore, Heavy Metal, Rock, these guys deserve to be listened to and appreciated for what they do; creating awesome music.

The recorded output is certainly worth listening to but to fully appreciate Centrilia make sure you check them out live and if there’s any justice in the world they’ll be headlining shows for a long time to come.

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