Altered Sky – Glasgow, G2 – 01/08/15

altered-sky-live-alan-k-gray-1Soon after they hit they stage the band looked to be having way more fun than anyone else in the room. There was a small contingent of hardcore fans along the front of the stage going nuts for every note, for every chant, for every wave of an arm or fist-pump. Behind them the thinning crowd stood motionless.

The exuberance in Ana left her sounding breathless, at other times, shrill. This belies her recorded output where she sounds fantastic. In fairness she was not helped with the sub-par acoustics of the venue either. It was also noticeable that the band seem to be playing to themselves and ignoring her – she appears separate, with very little interaction inwardly on stage. I’m not suggesting there is any animosity or dislike, far from it – they all seemed so happy to be up there. Rather the feeling of a cohesive unit was somewhat missing, which to a watchful eye took an element away from the otherwise polished performance.

I want to like Altered Sky more than I do. Ana is awesome and spends her every moment interacting with the crowd, and as time went on her voice seemed to get better and better. But the gig just doesn’t work for me, and I walk away feeling this show highlights the undercurrent of top-notch bands Glasgow has produced recently.

Given the talent in the city (Vukovi, Tijuana Bibles, Divides, We Came From Wolves for example) I fear Altered Sky may be an Echobelly to someone else’s Oasis. Of course without even having heard their forthcoming debut album out later this year, that may be premature.

Having progressed so far since we last caught them live in mid-2014, if they nail the live show, and the album is as strong as some of tonight’s tracks promise, then Altered Sky could be the “Oasis”.

Definitely. Maybe…

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