Picnic Basket Nosedive – Garage Attic, Glasgow – 18/06/15

pbnd-garage-attic-glasgow-18-june-2015-3There are very few bands out there who can top Picnic Basket Nosedive in the random band and song name stakes – in fact I’d be surprised if there are any at all.

There’s also few who can create an energy and atmosphere in a venue quite like them either. Opening with an instrumental before lead singer Darren comes bombing in from stage-left, sending the modest gathering of fans into a frenzy. PBND kick things off with the catchy ‘Make Way for Grapefruit’ and an intensity that just does not let up until the set comes to a close.

There are a couple of things about PBND which will probably surprise anyone who haven’t witnessed them play or who’ve never had the pleasure of listening to their recorded efforts. The level of skill achieved by all of the individual parts as well as the collective group to make a tight, well-formed track come to life with the delivery of each note, matched by the lyrical intent of each word from the charismatic front-man.

This was only my second outing to see them do their thing. However, it’s obvious that bringing in a new drummer and spending a bit of time in the practice room has brought that raw outfit I saw in January closer together and become more of a cohesive unit.

Kicking out a couple of new songs like ‘Bears Can’t Talk, Eddie’ and ‘Mexico Jam’ seemed effortless and enhanced an occasion where other, less enthused bands may have opted to play it safe and introduce only one or the other.

Some of their more well-known tracks were also given an outing, like ‘Meshuggah…’ and the self-pleasure-tastic ‘Save Yourself The Trouble’. Both of which have hilarious accompanying videos over on the band’s YouTube channel. Just beware that the video for the former has some slightly-not-safe-for-work content so don’t go opening it up if someone’s looking over your shoulder. You’ve been warned.

Finishing their main set with new track ‘Mexico Jam’ before returning with not one, but two encores. The first is crowd favourite ‘Stay Classy Jennifer’ which sees Darren jump into and wander round the crowd, which only seems to add fuel to the fiery fans. The curtains drop after a quick blast through ‘Pawn Shop Valentine’ and it’s time for the sweaty, happy, sated folk around me to start moving to the exits.

I had high expectations before I arrived at The Garage Attic and they were met full on by a band who have come a long way in the last six months. You can see from their faces throughout the set that they love doing what they do and those who attend their energised and fun sets get exactly what they want.

Alan Gray

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