Gerry Cinnamon – Kampfire Vampire

gerry-cinnamon-kampfire-vampire-singleIf there is one thing that stands out about Gerry’s music it’s how he can get up inside your head you with his infectious tunes. Gerry knows how to create anthemic melodies with a catchy vocal hook and that’s just one of the reasons he has such a strong local following. The other being his politically topical single ‘Hope Over Fear’, a song that he wrote in his bedroom during the Scottish Referendum last year. It went on to become the theme tune for the Nationalist campaign and shot Gerry to the fore of the Scottish singer-songwriter scene.

On the face of things, these songs sound simple enough but what goes on under the bonnet is another thing. Layering his guitar tracks and creating loop effects he can make his sound a lot fuller than you would expect from a one-man-band. Having witnessed all of this live at the First Run Records label showcase evening at the Barras Art and Design Centre earlier in the year I can say that he’s just as mesmerising onstage as he is creative in the studio.

So with the latest release ‘Kampfire Vampire’ we have much more of the same from Gerry with another catchy, upbeat ditty. The whistle intro sums up his laid back nature before plugging in and producing a jaunt through a colourful landscape of learning to live life with an open mind and not giving up on yourself. Keep sticking it to the man Gerry, that’s why we love you.

It’ll have your toe tapping and your head bopping without you even knowing it, most likely due to the hypnotic beat and the vocal which has a subtlety in its harmonies, something Gerry has improved massively from his previous efforts.

‘Kampfire Vampire’- available on Monday 4th May – is worth a listen and when you do, be prepared to have it on repeat as you’ll want to hear it over and over again. Even better, if you have the opportunity to go see Gerry put on a show near you, get along and join in with the energetic set that he is fast becoming renowned for.

You can keep up with Gerry’s movements as well as follow him on Twitter.

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