Huxtable – It’s A Trap

huxtable-its-a-trap-coverIt’s A Trap is the second EP from the Kilmarnock-based duo Huxtable. When you press play, it comes out of the traps like a whippet chasing a scalded cat.

The sound of this offering is cleaner and fuller than the We are Huxtable EP, James Mackenzie’s production has beefed up the mid-range sound of the band and in the process created a warmer tone while not losing the power of the guitar or drive of the drums. The four tracks here see Jordan Yates riffing with abandon and increasing authority as Broono (Marc Brown) is there steadfastly setting the pace and supporting vocally.

‘Shut Up’ barks into life and takes you on a surging ride through Mr Yates’ ocean of power chords. ‘Little Darling’ is slow and powerful with a hint of falsetto, the title track, ‘It’s a Trap’, is bordering on anthemic, whilst ‘Regimental’ brings us back onto more familiar territory. The sound is unmistakably Huxtable, but richer, more vibrant. Better – there are no weak songs on this EP.

They have managed to carry the extra depth of mid-range sound into their live shows and the new tunes sit very well alongside the old, tried and trusted material. At 14-and-a-half minutes long this slips into the “perfect things in small packages” envelope and leaves you howling for more.

It’s A Trap is well worth the purchase but I recommend buying the CD over the download as you get both cheeks.

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