Architects – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 11/03/15

architects-o2-abc-akgphotos-3Brighton is around four hundred and sixty-two miles from Glasgow and there aren’t too many places in the UK further away than that. Having said this, you would’ve thought this was a hometown gig for Architects. The atmosphere in the crowd is electric, feeding off frontman Sam Carter’s energy, singing along to every scream, shout and whisper that he has to offer. I don’t think I’ve heard a volume like it on any of my prior visits to the ABC.

Architects weren’t the only big draw tonight. A special mention must be given to Every Time I Die who came out and thrashed their way through a cut-down set in support of the main attraction. In another time it may have been a reversed line-up with ETID headlining but it wasn’t to be tonight. Flying in from America to support the lads from south of the border, they were genuinely happy to be taking second place.

An ever-chatty Keith Buckley was joined by his storm-in-a-bottle brother in keeping the crowd on an upward surge while others stopped to stare at rhythm guitar behemoth Andy Williams – a guy who wouldn’t have looked out-of-place in a World’s Strongest Man competition – an absolute beast of a man. In contrast you have the live wire Jordan Buckley on lead guitar. If you had the ability to bottle his energy Red Bull would be out of business by the end of the month. ETID do everything you want a support act to do – get the crowd on their feet and riled into a fervor.

Onto the main event. Out come five guys tipped for big things in 2015 to the familiar electronic intro of ‘Broken Cross’, the anticipated scream of “God only knows why we were born to burn”, the blast of compressed air up into the rafters. Mayhem ensues. There’s a ferociousness to this band but it all looks so effortless at the same time, an odd sight. With the rhythm section laying down a solid platform for the very impressive Tom Searle on lead guitar. Tom is a very technically gifted, dexterous craftsman who makes it look so easy and it’s hard not to be drawn into a little bubble where everything else going on around you disappears and you can only see the four-foot square that he occupies to the right hand side of the stage. Enchanting.

The Architects live experience is something very different to the majority of live performances. As a general rule we find that a live show will be perceived as a better experience than sitting at home listening to a band on record. However, tonight it’s apparent that Architects have a very similar sound both live and on print. Maybe it’s the genre and path they’ve chosen to follow with the only major differences being that the energy is more palpable and when you add around thirteen hundred punters to the equation you’re obviously going to get a different dynamic from the comfort of your couch. The metalcore style is very heavy on structure and at times it did feel a little as if it was lifted straight out of a studio recording.

For me, there was a chance that the main act could be overshadowed by their support but it wasn’t the case. Architects are the masters of their show and I fully expect Glasgow to be one of the first dates on any future tours. Even if they do seem to conduct their business onstage like a studio session, there’s just no escaping the level of talent that’s on offer and it’s why they are such a draw to the public of this musically diverse and driven city. When they do return I’ll be there to see if they’ve added that little bit of character I thought they lacked this time around.

Architects Setlist O2 ABC, Glasgow, Scotland 2015

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