Baby Chaos – You Can’t Shut Us Up / The Whispering Giants

They’re back! Yes, after a 17-year hiatus Baby Chaos are back and have recorded a brand new album. This isn’t “Baby Chaos-lite” either, this is the orignal lineup of Chris, Grant, Bobby and Davy!

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory isn’t out until the 27th of April, however a double-A side single in the shape of ‘You Can’t Shut Us Up’ and ‘The Whispering Giants’ will be released a few weeks earlier, and at Musicscramble we’ve been lucky enough to get a sneaky listen to it already!

They have most definitely come back to us bigger, badder and mightier than ever. The tracks have the same Baby Chaos feel of massive riffage, cascading melodies and sanguine tempo as you find on Safe Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock’n’Roll, and follow-up Love Your Self Abuse.

‘You Can’t Shut Us Up’ is a full on adrenalin-fueled riff driven slice of Baby Chaos, with the defiant chant of the chorus providing the song’s title. When ‘The Whispering of Giants’ starts it is different from the outset. After the bombass of the flip-side we are given a whispered first verse and the song takes its time, before it gathers paces and cascades to a chest thumping refrain which you’ll find yourself humming in your head long after the track has ended.

From this first single I am excited to hear Skulls, Skulls, Skulls… in full as its clear the band have captured an explosive and textured album which retains that instantly recognisable verve and swagger. What is also clear is that the band’s songwriting has matured during the long hiatus and the songs are very much of the here and now, whilst you hang on to that swell of “Welcome back lads!” nostalgia in your belly.

The double-A side single is released on 13th of April, and we hope to catch the band live for our first time in almost two decades when they play London and Glasgow around that date.

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