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huxtable-live-kilmarnockHuxtable are a Kilmarnock based two piece and the tail end of 2014 saw the boys working hard on the circuit. The cherry on the cake for the effort was winning the vote to play at Relentless Live 2014 in London supporting their heroes Biffy Clyro.

I had a word with the amiable Jordan and Marc at a party they threw in MESI Studio to thank everyone for their support.

How did you guys come up with the name?

J – The name is totally that Bill Cosby show, we were jamming and ended up playing something that sounded like the zip-zop-zippity-bop-thing he does in that show. We were totally gutted when it looked like he would be up on sex charges, it would be like calling your band Saville.

How long have Huxtable been together and under who’s patio is the bass player in the ‘Milk Monger’ video buried?

J – Well, Huxtable started at the beginning of 2013 as a two-piece while another band we were in called Athos broke up and the bass player – Andrew Sloan, an incredibly talented bass player – decided to join us. After recording ‘Milk Monger’ he wasn’t able to come to practice as often and we’d been doing it as a two-piece anyway so we said we just want to do this ourselves. He’s now in a band called Whispery Club and they’re doing really well, so he’s not buried under anyone’s patio.
M – Honestly as bass players come, he’s chocolate.
J – You can’t fault him as a bass player. He was in the band for a while as a “Sloan” sticker on my bass pedal.

Your style is very riff driven, who inspired the love of riffing in you?

M – The classical greats.
J – I really like a lot of Led Zepplin. When I was growing up it was nu-metal that was really my thing, I liked Limp Bizkit and Wes Borland – I really like his guitar style – there are some great riffs on Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water, you’ve got such great stuff on there and that made my playing style go along that path. I tried to play like Wes and then going through to some of his solo material which is even more mental. As you get older and you think – actually they’re kind of rubbish, in terms of what’s out there musically.

Sounds like both ends of the spectrum, are there any other influences?

J – Josh Homme was my next big love. Finding out what he’d done in Kyuss and following his musical adventure over the last few years. I didn’t play guitar at all from the ages of eighteen to twenty-four and when I got back into it again it was Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures. There’s nothing better than a guitar riff, have you ever heard Axis of Awesome ‘4 Chord Song’? That just sums it up for me. You can play chords, but everyone can do that as well, but if you can write a riff that is the thing people go for. It’s in my head I’ve always wanted to write a riff people will sing back.

What can a punter off the street expect at a Huxtable gig?

J – Riffs, loud noises, my voice to be in tune for a good portion of the set.
M – Big drums, big beats.
J – If everything goes to plan with the show that we might be doing in Glasgow; we want every show to be more…
M – …more of a show.
J – Additional things like balloon drops, confetti and backing singers, fire eaters, burlesque dancers. That would be good, whether or not that comes to fruition is a completely different thing. If budgets were endless we’d have it all but since they’re not – we won’t.

Any other insights to your writing process that the YouTube Hyper Lapse didn’t show us?

J – What did you get from the YouTube Hyper Lapse?

That it looks like a load of fun.

J – Yeah it is.
M – If you slow it right down you get a brand new song.
J – What song is that?
M – A really good one.
J – I don’t think we’ve finished that song yet. If you slow that down by four times you can hear what we’re playing, I don’t know if you want to try that?

Is it just basically you guys playing and recording to see what falls out?

J – Yeah it’s the two of us, I’ll start playing something and he’ll play along or I might have something pre-formed and we’ll try and work it together and for that one we totally messed up earlier [he accidentally unplugged his guitar half way through] that started with the drums, we thought we’d just flip it on its head and he’d play something while I play along. We try to mix it up. My phone is full of ten minutes of us playing the same thing over and over and over, getting it right, then shelving that because it doesn’t fit anything we’re working on at the moment. We could be working on something in three months time and suddenly think – “Oh, that would go with that other thing” – then we’d go back and slot it in.
M – It’s very much like a jigsaw. Having to think back to previous stuff we’ve done and what we’re going to do now.
J – We’ve totally rewritten songs. Sometimes we can over-write if left to our own devices.
M – I think that’s why we want to get back in and get recording so that those songs are set in stone and we can’t mess about with them.

The We Are Huxtable EP has been playing in my car for a couple of months now and my wife has one complaint – It’s too short! Are you working on new material?

J – Yes we are and we’re going to record it in January. It should be out soon after.

On the back of Relentless would crowd funding an album be viable?

M – I’m totally against it, I’ve got a job and Jordan has a job I don’t see why we should have folk paying to produce our music when we can pay for it ourselves. We want to make it and they can come and pay to see it live. If they want to buy the album when it comes out that is up to them.

J – Tonight we have a donation bucket, if anyone wants to donate they can. I don’t have anything against bands that have done it and I know a few and they’ve been quite successful and it lets fans buy stuff which is good but it’s not for us.

After backing Biffy Clyro and Zane Lowe at Relentless Live what are your plans for 2015?

J – We don’t have many plans, we have a couple of things that we want to do at the beginning of the year, we’d like to be out playing different places rather than focusing on Glasgow.
M – England and Ireland I’d love to play.
J – We’re down in London in January recording but apart from that it’s all up in the air.

With that a young woman with a camera hustled them away to do meeting, greeting and another set of tunes. I however left before the carnage began. There was an awful amount of booze in the fridge. I hope to catch Huxtable live a few times over the next twelve months and am also hoping they forgive me for leaving a bottle of Becks Blue at their party.

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