Wednesday 13 – Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague


Everyone at some point, when their favourite band/artist is releasing a new album, has the thought “what if I don’t like it?” That’s what was going through my mind when Wednesday 13 announced details for what would be a very different-sounding sixth studio album.

I was first introduced to Wednesday 13 – real name Joseph Poole – when he was singing for ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s side project The Murderdolls. The sound, the songs, the image – red and black clothing and no eyebrows – blew my mind! The band went on hiatus in 2004 and Wednesday went on to form a successful solo career. Safe to say Wednesday 13 songs have a common theme along the lines of horror movies and things that go bump in the night. With the release of Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague, Wednesday turns his attention to aliens and conspiracy theories.

Monsters of the Universe is a heavy album. Possibly the heaviest album Wednesday has released. ‘Astro Psycho – Galactic Blood-Drive’ sounds like Slayer performing a Misfits song whilst ‘Planet Eater: Interstellar 187’ wouldn’t sound out-of-place on a death metal album. The double bass drum. Oh the double bass drum!

On ‘Serpent Society’ Wednesday lends himself to a sound very similar to that of Marilyn Manson and sends us a warning that a reptilian race are living among us – check out author David Icke for the lowdown on these creatures. ‘I Love Watching You Die’ is an album highlight for me, and sure to become popular with the fans.

Not only had Wednesday gone heavy with this album he has also added synth and sampling to create the image of an alien invasion, leading to the addition of a synth player in the live band. Talking of the live band, this is the current group of musicians’ third album cycle, and the album has songs with longer instrumentals giving time to show off their skill. This is really shown on ‘Into the Crop Circle’ and title track ‘Monsters of the Universe’ which are both 6 minutes long. Yes Wednesday 13, a man known for short, fast, horror punk songs has written 6 minute songs.

With this latest album Wednesday has produced his most creative album to date and it is definitely a game-changer in his career. It seems to have given him a new lease of life and he has revamped the live show which will be heading to the UK in March.

As a fan, is it my favourite album? Only time will tell, though I am enjoying it more and more with each listen. Open to the thoughts of aliens and like metal? This is the album for you.

“Keep watching the skies, everything you know is a lie.”

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