Hotstuff & The Eyecandy – Scandinavian Pink EP

hotstuff-and-the-eyecandy-scandinavian-pink-ep-cover-artwork-reviewDirty hot electro power pop is how Hotstuff & the Eyecandy describe themselves. And, to be fair, that’s exactly what their Scandinavian PinkEP delivers.

Neo and Arlene have been making music together since 1997 and this 5-track EP, released on DARKforces Records in 2013 is an excellent showcase of what they have to offer.

Opener ‘From the Heart’ pulls you in straight away with its frenetic guitar and drums leading you into the catchy chorus. ‘Tell Me What To Say’ ups the ante with a harder edge and a keyboard riff that’ll be stuck in your head for hours. Next up is ‘Moneyshot’, probably the weakest track on here and the one that is furthest from the pop sound the band are looking for.

Conversely, next to the last track ‘If I Felt Anything’ is a corker. Slowing the pace down a little, it’s the closest the EP has to a slow burner. We finish with the highlight of the EP, ‘I Love You’. A big sound, layers of guitars, brilliant double-tracked vocals between Neo and Arlene and underneath it all, a glorious keyboard line.

With an album in the mix I’m hoping to be hearing new stuff from the guys at some point this year and, if we’re lucky, some live dates too.

Graeme Campbell

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