36 Crazyfists – Classic Grand, Glasgow – 10/02/15

36-crazyfists-live-glasgow-classic-grand-february-2015-alan-gray-copyright-4I went in to see 36 Crazyfists at a slight disadvantage. I hadn’t heard a single song before going to the gig. Poor preparation on my part you could say, but actually it was deliberate. I thought it would be interesting to see what they could offer live before dipping into the back catalogue.

As it turns out, it was an excellent decision. Without any favourites to choose from, I was free to just enjoy what was served up. I could tell at certain times when a fan favourite was starting. Like when they kicked into second track of the night, a phenomenal version of ‘At The End of August’ and the crowd went bonkers. Similarly, when the frenetic start to ‘I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops’ was heard, the pit was in full flow.
The 5 songs from new album, Time And Trauma, were met just as well as the old favourites. Despite the gig being a week before it’s release, what appears to be a very passionate fan base welcomed them like long-lost friends. The 14-song main set was ferocious and uncompromising, summed up by the magnificent ‘Bloodwork’.

They finished off with a 3 song encore. First up was ‘Destroy The Map’ and for this the band got Scottish wrestler Grado up on stage. Apparently a long time fan of the band, and something they’ve done in Scotland before, it wasn’t just a gimmick. He definitely didn’t look, or sound, out of place. ‘Circle The Drain’ was up next and they closed with the superb ‘Slit Wrist Theory’.

Brutal guitar work and lead singer, Brock Lindow’s passionate delivery that varied between emotive and primal were superbly backed up by a rhythm section as tight as you could find. And Lindow, as a front man, was excellent. I don’t know what size he is, but he looks like a bear of a man, yet between songs he came across as both humbled by the appreciation and just having a really great time. Once the music started, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. He’s one of those singers that seems to ooze charisma.

As I said, I wasn’t sure what to expect before I went along, but whatever standards I could’ve set, I don’t think I would’ve been disappointed. I’m looking forward to them band coming back later this year, as I’ll definitely be there again.

Graeme Campbell

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