Forever Still – Scars EP

forever-stillForever Still are touted as Denmark’s leading female-led goth-rock acts. With the release of their most recent EP Scars – a follow up to 2013’s Breaking Free – we can see why. With a mix of striking instrumental-ism and melodic-yet-punchy vocals, they show that they have what it takes to bring a genre – which has been pushed below the surface in recent times – back to the top.

The obvious comparisons will be made to Evanescence and even Halestorm but in their own right they know how to put a song or two together and should be judged on their own merit.

The screaming guitars opening up lead single ‘Scars’ soon drop from metal-riffery to a calm which drives the song along on its journey but this one is all about the talents of lead singer Maja Schønning, which are apparent from the start, switching between a melodic and downright-filthy, face-melting vocal, Maja shows a range that is able to grab the attention of anyone brave enough to give it a spin. The sound quality during the breakdown is a little distorted and I can’t work out if it’s a mixing issue or intentional. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt as it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the track overall.

‘Once Upon a Nightmare’ strips things back to a more simple form and with a sombre story to be told in the same fashion as Evanescence did before them. Some nifty guitar solo work of Dennis Post towards the end of the track highlights that this isn’t a one-woman band, talent and spotlight is a shared entity in the group.

Last up is ‘Miss Madness’ – the ballad of the bunch. A nice end to a short-and-to-the-point EP which showcases the varied efforts of a band looking to make moves in the rock/metal scene both at home and abroad. The blandest of the three tracks, this one seems a little generic in its formula but is still a decent effort with the laid-back and comfortable pace of Mikkel Haastrup and Jens Berglid’s rhythm section lending to a decent vocal, showing range and depth of sound.

The only real worrying thing about this record is the fact that Maja’s spoken English is better than my own.

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