Huxtable – We Are Huxtable EP

huxtable-we-are-hux-ep-coverHuxtable are a Kilmarnock based two piece alt-rock band who I first became aware of in July at an evening in Ivory Blacks – we were there to scope out Divides and enjoy a bit of the local music scene. Huxtable impressed us with the awesome riffing on ‘Juliet’, and by the end of their set I was hooked.

Huxtable have a huge sound. Jordan’s guitar work is precise but fluid and he articulates his lyric, bucking the trend for squeaky voices and mumbling doing the rounds at the moment. Marc is not content to flam-tap his way through a song; proper drum counterpointing is beautiful to hear. There is a constant conversation between the drums and the guitar that makes the 2014 release We Are Huxtable a joy to groove to. When I got my sweaty hands on a copy, I was advised by singer Jordan to play it loud. I took that advice.

‘Juliet’ opens the EP; it’s a bleak lyric, driven along on a sea of power chords and thumping bass. ‘Failure is an Option’ contains all the rage at the bad advice we are given by small-town Scotland and ‘Try Sin’ should be a stoner anthem.

‘On the Cusp of My Tongue’ is a slower more primal beat, rock steady drums give Jordan a solid platform for his vocal. ‘Party Ghost’ is a dance floor filler; brash, with jaw dropping riffs and a weather-bomb of drumming. The last track on this all too quickly finished EP is ‘Attack’, and someone has truly pissed them off. This is a nicely balanced song to round off the mini-album.

If you’ve got it on repeat, it leads perfectly back into ‘Juliet’. Last for just a few seconds over 20 minutes the EP is a perfect introduction to Huxtable, and I urge you to [itunes link=”″ title=”copy” text=”pick up a copy now”].

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