An Introduction to Biffy Clyro

IMG_2357.JPGThis weekend Biffy Clyro play three rare and soon-to-be-legendary shows at Barrowland in Glasgow.

Billed as an end of a chapter, the shows will see the band play highlights from each of their albums – two albums per night, all six over the three shows. The shows will also prove to be an opportunity to hear some rarely played songs, and coupled with the band playing such a small (for Biffy) and legendary venue guarantees the shows will go down in music history.

However there are still some out there who don’t really know Biffy Clyro’s music – at least not the full history – so we thought it was a perfect time to share some Biffy Clyro music with you.

Below is twelve songs taken from across their six albums by way of an introduction, and if we are honest we also hope to hear them all over the weekend. If you are going to the shows then see you down the front!

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