Holly Drummond – Diving In EP

holly-drummondDiving In – the fourth EP from young Edinburgh talent Holly Drummond is released today. Gaining some notoriety as a YouTube sensation, covering popular chart hits and gaining a following and creating a platform before releasing her own original work seems to have paid off.

Holly has an ability to produce songs that are just so serene and peaceful. Every word is uttered with effortlessness and with a pronunciation that doesn’t sound forced or manufactured. As with most local talent these days, the subtle Central Scotland twangs appearing on our stations, it seems the days of over-Americanised vocals are a thing of the past. Hallelujah!

On the other side of this, it would seem that there is the odd occasion where I want Holly to break from the apparently self-enforced limitations and just release a soaring vocal. I say forced because I feel it’s there purposefully to enhance the sombre tone of the story being told throughout the EP.

Title track ‘Diving In’ sets the tone for the next twenty minutes as – for the most part – we have a theme. Failed relationships, non-starters, general heartbreak, pain and suffering. That sounds pretty grim on the face of things but when you dive deeper – excuse the pun – you begin to see the topic really does bring the best out of someone who doesn’t seem old enough to have experienced these negative situations herself. ‘Fade’, ‘Empty’ and ‘Let You Go’ go on to tackle the subject expertly and the story unfolds with the eventual culmination of the slightly more uplifted and happy ‘Save You’.

The aforementioned ‘Save You’ takes slot five on the EP. A track I would have expected to be sitting nearer the top end of the pecking order. I can only think that its placement is due to the uplifting nature of its tempo and arrangement and the fact it’s rounding off the story being portrayed before it. For me, this is one of the strongest on the EP.

The last track on the EP is a remix by Rameses B. The new spin on what was already a decent track gives it a more full and deeper sound, creating a more moody feel. This just showcases why Holly has done so well before when lending her lyrics and songwriting to others to sample and use on their own work.

Calming and soothing – Remixes aside – Diving In is an honest account of Miss Drummond’s inner monologue with her soft vocal and the eery simplicity in the way Holly structures each song, they’re blended to produce a pure and subtle twenty-four minutes of aural pleasure. The stripped down nature of each track makes it so easy to listen to and take in. This is the kind of EP you could put on after a tough day at the office to gently soothe and revitalise your soul.

You can [itunes link=”https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/diving-in/id914560865?i=914560868&uo=4″ title=”buy” text=”buy Diving In here”].

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