Twin Atlantic – Great Divide

Twin Atlantic - Great Divide album cover

It is during the opening track, when Sam McTrusty sings the line, “Music is my therapy, I can listen to it all night long” that I’m sold on the new album by Twin Atlantic.

Perhaps that seems an extreme reaction only a few minutes into the album, however as a fan of the band prior to this release, it is this lyric which strikes an instant chord with my psyche and informs exactly where the band have matured to. ‘The Ones That I Love (Intro)’ is a slow harmonious ballad and a perfect intro to what is likely a contender for my album of the year. 

The pounding beat of ‘Heart and Soul’ follows, throwing down the gauntlet offering up this album as the one on which Twin Atlantic make bid for stardom. The “heaviness” of the guitar from their early released is rarely muted, whilst the hook of chorus is there in spades. Great Divide is treading the tightrope of heavy rock and commercial appeal almost perfectly. 

There are so many songs which I could talk about in a glowing, almost rambling manner, trying to describe how great it is. However, if you think of your favourite albums and of how many tracks on those albums became top-notch singles, then Great Divide will be no different. In the current climate of individual track digital downloads rarely does an album come along which is so jam-packed of contenders for singles. Almost every song has an immutable commercial appeal. 

Welcome to the big time Twin Atlantic. 

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