Divides – Spiders

In April Glasgow’s Divides released their debut single, ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’. 

Since then, they’ve been playing shows around the Scottish central belt in addition to starting a debut EP PledgeMusic campaign. Yesterday they released their second single ‘Spiders’ which those of you who have seen the band on stage should be familiar with.

‘Spiders’ has a crunching guitar sound, and soaring vocals which deliver judgement over someone who clearly the band aren’t so friendly with anymore. Continuing the sound from their first release you’ll have this track rattling around in your mind for days after last listening to it.

The single is available to hear and download under the “name your price” model via their Bandcamp page . If you do download it for free or next to nothing, then be generous and head over to their PledgeMusic campaign and support the band in that way!

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