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Regular readers of Musicscramble will know by now that we like to support upcoming bands. Those readers will also know that we have developed a few favourites amongst those, and Glasgow band Divides is definitely in that latter category.

We stumbled across them playing their first ever show back in April as support to another upcoming band, Vukovi. Since then we’ve featured the band a few times because we genuinely feel they have a very bright future.

They’ve only released one song, their debut single, ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’ but are hoping to record and release their first EP at the end of 2014. To achieve this they are looking for support via the successful PledgeMusic website.

Through PledgeMusic fans can support an artist by becoming part of the music-making experience itself. In return the artists offer unique and often chance-in-a-lifetime items which will generate higher value pledges to help the band pay the costs of recording their newest music.

In just over a week Divides have already hit 25% of their required total but they need your help to reach their goal within the next 60 days. By visiting their Pledge page you can choose from a selection of great pledger-only items from a copy of the EP for just £6 to a number of higher-priced items such as signed CDs, limited edition t-shirts or even have the band visit and hold a private gig in your own home!

Get in at the grass-roots and support upcoming talent.

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