Foreign Skies – This Human Error EP

foreign-skies-bandForeign Skies hit the ground with a bit of a stumble before quickly finding their feet with debut EP This Human Error. The trio, hailing from Glasgow, are out there doing a bit of self-promotion and playing the circuit in an effort to build a fan base like any other start-up band. They opted to work on the EP at 45A-Side Recordings studio which is popular with bands in the Glasgow area.

This Human Error opens with the soft and peaceful instrumental tone of ‘Swells’. The track ambles along creating an almost serene atmosphere before ramping up at the midway point with some crisp, melodic drums and a shrieking guitar which could be straight off a Biffy Clyro track.

Harmonised vocals are something to behold and also just one of the talents highlighted throughout this EP, none more so than on the uplifting ‘These Hills’. Another softly-softly track dripping with melody and simple riffing which builds to a catchy chorus. They make it sound easy and seem to effortlessly pump out a beautiful harmony from the first note to last.

‘Piste’ will be showcased in their first video released today and you can see below. Having not seen Foreign Skies live myself I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamics of the group at work in the video.

The EP is rounded off with ‘Go Forth and Destroy’ where we finally hear the bass pull through and offer some rhythmic guidance to the track, something that wasn’t too apparent in the previous tracks on the EP. That’s not a dig, it’s just that the bass was so subtle in the previous mix that you would maybe wonder if there was a bass used in those tracks at all.

Simplistic in their approach, Foreign Skies seem to have harnessed a subtle punk-breakdown style and mixed it with a bit of a pop-rock feel. It’s the kind of music that I find inoffensive and easy to get into which is usually a good thing and given that this is a debut it is forgiven that they opened with an instrumental – on the other hand they’ve made a bold statement in doing so, so hats off to them for not bending to conformity.

Foreign Skies are certainly a talented group of young lads who are showing early promise, now it’s time to go out and build on that. Personally, I’m hoping to get along and see them do it all live – I’ll maybe nip backstage and turn up the bass a little while I’m there…

You can download the EP from their Bandcamp page.

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