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sonic-syndicate-self-titled-album-cover-2014Flashback to 2008; Swedish metal-core band Sonic Syndicate release their third studio album and lead single ‘Jack Of Diamonds’ is preparing to take over the world. The following year one of the band’s two singers – Roland Johansson – announces he is leaving the band due to personal reasons.

Step forward British singer Nathan J.Biggs to join the band, touring and learning the live set before heading into the studio to record the band’s next album We Rule The Night. During the world tour for that album the second of the original singers – Richard Sjunnesson – left the band due to creative differences. The departure of guitarist Roger Sjunnesson followed and Sonic Syndicate decided to take a break.

This year the remaining four members are back from hiatus with a new album. They may have gone from a six-piece band to a four-piece, but the music hasn’t been affected. In fact, the new self-titled album is the band’s most mature sound to date. There’s a feeling when you listen to the music that Sonic Syndicate is more cohesive than they have ever been.

The album kicks off as it means to go on. ‘Day of the Dead’ is full on metal-core magic. Heavy guitar riffage and a mix of screaming and clean vocals. This time the majority sung by Nathan on his own (with some backing vocals from guitarist Robin) and not with vocal duties split between two lead singers.

The first single from the album is ‘Before You Finally Break’ which features Soilwork singer Bjorn “speed” Strid. This has classic Sonic Syndicate written all over it, mainly due to having two singers, thumping drums, heavy guitars, and big sing along chorus.

On ‘Black Hole Halo’, the band have produced their new anthem. A big sing-along chorus (“Halo,Halo, just how low can you go?”) The song has some heavy double-bass drum and guitar break downs which you can’t help but bang your head to.

‘Long Road Home’,’Catching Fire’ and ‘It Takes Me’ all compete for my personal favourite track. Any fans of Killswitch Engage looking for a new sing along pit anthem would love these tracks.

Fans of the band will not be disappointed with what the four remaining members have delivered. A heavier, darker album than they have produced in the past. With this album in their armoury they could become unstoppable, the band have taken another step to world domination.

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