Super73 – Remember. Bulletproof. EP

super73-remember-bulletproof-coverThere are a million bands out there looking to break out and make a name for themselves. In that sense Super73 are no different. The thing that sets them apart from the majority is their gritty sound and lyrics that are both powerful and slightly controversial.

Lead track on Remember. Bulletproof. is ‘There, or Thereabouts’ which seems to be about combatting alcohol abuse epitomised this within the first minute. The track is balanced by fluid vocals through the verses which build into an angst-driven chorus. This song is very catchy – a great way to kick things off.

Mark, Stephen, Rob and Andy make up the band from Leicestershire, middle-England who have notable touring experience, for such a relatively new band, having recently been on the undercard for Attack! Attack! and American heavyweights Everclear. With self-promotion being the main method of getting the name out there you could say these guys have already shown a fair deal of ambition. On the other side, a deal may help push them a little further into the eyes – or should I say ears – of the alt-rock-loving public.

The EP consists of three more tracks, each with differing styles. ‘A Local Hero’ is the radio-friendly single which has the clear and stated vocal over a stripped down bass and guitar. The only fault I have with it is that the drums seem to be a little drowned out and could do with being brought forward a little more. This is down to mixing and not a fault I’d lay at the band’s door. For that I deemed it to be the weaker track on the EP, even if it is still pretty decent.

‘Let It Go’ shows that the band can be tight and the melodies brought through the guitars and bass line highlights the togetherness of a band who are still trying to find their feet and more importantly finding a style of music that suits them as a group of individuals coming together – vocal harmonies in the breakdown showcasing this perfectly.

Finishing off the EP is ‘Untitled (What Matters)’ kicking off with a hook straight out of the Rage Against the Machine handbook. A short track at two and a half minutes, it doesn’t mess about and I personally hope that this is the direction guys will take their sound when they venture back into the studio. There’s a passion in this track that is harnessed so well, leaving me wanting more.

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