4 Aerosmith songs we hope for at Download

Download Festival 2014 PosterAerosmith are returning to Download Festival at Donington, England this coming weekend.

Last time they played the festival was 2010. Just before that show it had looked as if it was all over for Steven Tyler remaining a member of the band. The band had searched for a new singer, and all sorts of shenanigans had occurred. However the headline set was an absolute blinder and I am extremely excited to be seeing them again.

Here are four songs I would love to hear this coming Sunday from the Boston band.

Mama Kin

I first heard the song – as likely many of my age – through the Guns N’ Roses Live!?@* Like A Suicide EP. Gn’R do a phenomenal version of the song which I just love. The Aerosmith version is slower, bluesier (is that a word?) and way cooler. Sure, they played it last time at Download, but it would be amazing to hear this song live once again. Especially the case if it sounds anything like this; Aerosmith and Slash playing the track just a few months ago at the Whisky in LA.

Janie’s Got A Gun

This song is stunning live, has an award-winning video, and was the song I couldn’t stop playing when I got my first CD player and Pump on CD. The best ballad – after ‘Dream On’ – they ever wrote. Besides, it’s from Pump the album that propelled them properly back into the big time after disappointment with Done With Mirrors and a few hit tracks on Permanent Vacation. Hell, if they decided to play Pump in its entirety I for one would be a happy camper!

Livin’ On The Edge

This song, in my opinion is one of the last great songs Aerosmith have written. The hook, the chorus, that solo and of course Joey Kramer playing the first drum he ever owned right in the middle of the song. Did I mention John Connor was in the video?

Sick As A Dog

This track is on Rocks and I just love it. I always have. It’s bluesey, has such a fantastic hook, and although possibly not known by the ‘Festival massive’ it would make my weekend to hear this song live once again; my only time previous was Wembley Stadium in 1999. Besides, Tom plays guitar and Joe and Steven play bass on it!




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