Tijuana Bibles – Crucifixion

tijuana-bibles-groupIt really “ain’t no surprise” that the latest single from the Coatbridge quartet is a truly stonking effort. Having been lucky enough to get a preview of the latest offering at the [rearranged] Tuts gig in February I knew what was coming when Tijuana Bibles released it online last week.

A slow starter with a steady beat and a few psychedelic riffs over some complex bass work. With a tidy-as-ever vocal from frontman Tony Costello, we’re treated to what is now a very distinguishable all round sound. The song gives way to an almost transcendent backing vocal before eventually building into a bit of a crescendo to finish it all off.

Tony professes throughout that “they’re gonna crucify me”. Well, if they do, it’s certainly not going to be for releasing this. Give it a listen and see for yourself.

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