Vukovi – Òran Mór, Glasgow – 15/04/14

vukovi-live-oran-mor-glasgow-april-2014-gareth-fraser (1 of 1)The events at Òran Mór are a bit hazy in my mind but I’m not sure if that was down to the copious amounts of beer or the magical and mystical trance I was put under by Vukovi but we’ll go with the later. One thing I do remember is that from the moment Janine moved onto the stage, and I say moved because I don’t believe her feet touched the ground the whole night, you could tell this was going to be a special one.

The support bands had completed a grand job of readying the crowd who’d gathered in the darkness awaiting the ‘local’ band to headline the show. A shout to Glasgow’s Divides, an up-and-coming band who gave a great account of themselves with a short but assured set to kick the night off. A Plastic Rose, hailing from Belfast were the co-headliners for the overall tour but were playing second fiddle to the band from down-the-road tonight. They lit up the stage from the first note to the last and even though I wasn’t fully aware of their catalogue, they’ve definitely jumped up on my radar and I’ve already SongKick-ed them for future gigs based on this performance.

Vukovi were coming into this gig fresh from their opening headline show in Edinburgh the previous night and from what we’d seen on Twitter, everyone was in for a good show tonight. It wasn’t too long before they were onstage and by now the heat was rising with every second in the dark, moist venue. The mood was then matched by the opener – ‘Use Your Sex’. That’s exactly what Janine did straight away, hitting the front of the stage writhing around in front of a host of cameras that were clambering to get a close-up, Janine obliging mid-hip-swerve and pucker.

‘Gutless’, ‘Think Skinned’ and ‘Obsessions’ rang out next and the pace was definitely on the rise but unfortunately the rent-a-cop steward, who told me he was under “strict instructions”, was ready to pounce as soon as any form of “crowd participation” was looking to kick-off. You could see that the band just wanted the crowd to crank it up a bit but that didn’t stop the guy wading in and breaking up the fun at regular intervals during the set.

Up next was ‘So Long Gone’ released via YouTube earlier in the month. It’s a little more poppy on print than what we were given on the night where the guitar and bass were more tangible. It was also short and sweet and it made way to the more familiar ‘Snakes & Ladders’ a song that is on Vukovi’s best – in my opinion – EP so far.

It was probably around this time that I had realised that the three boys of the group – Hamish on guitar, Jason on bass and Colin on drums – were a little more shy than frontwoman Janine. That doesn’t mean they paled into insignificance, quite the opposite but it was fair to say that the crowd were entranced by the one at the front of the stage who was clearly enjoying herself. In fact, at one point Janine decided she wanted to create some space in amongst the crowd and asked if they could create a parting in order to allow her to move down from the stage and right onto the floor within feet of those there to sing along to every word. This went down very well, think I even managed to snag a couple of good pictures myself, but none better than our resident photographer Gareth, you can see some of his best shots below..

Another track I hadn’t heard before tonight was ‘Boy George’. Janine had previously mentioned it when we interviewed her back in January about a groupie who had the misfortune of looking like Boy George; what a shame. Good track, even if it is somewhat derogatory towards some poor girl whoever she is. Next up was ‘Get Hot & Feel the Butterflies’ which turned out to be my favourite of the night. It is a cracking tune, but since they decided to omit ‘We Are Robots’ due to an inability to squeeze it into a tight schedule, ‘Get Hot…’ rose to top of the pile. I’m hoping time limit is why it was cut because I was a bit devastated that I didn’t get to see it live. Oh well, maybe next time?

Vukovi saved their more popular tracks for last. Both ‘Schwagger’ and ‘Target Practice’ have excellent videos, if you haven’t watched them check them out – both videos are hilarious and very well shot. By comparison though, the videos have nothing on the live performances. By the end of the set the crowd were still in full voice and wanting more, as were the band, but unfortunately due to time restriction applied by the venue Vukovi were unable to give them what everyone wanted; a few more songs.

From a personal point, I’m glad I’ve finally been able to tick Vukovi of my list of bands I’d like to see but now I just can’t wait to see them again, maybe it’s because Vukovi are pretty damn good. Maybe it’s because as a live band they know how to captivate the crowd. Or maybe it’s just so I can attempt to chat up Janine’s mum Rosie after the show again? You decide for yourselves.

Vukovi Setlist Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland 2014