Machine Head – Killers & Kings

It has been a fairly turbulent and widely negative year for Machine Head (can we still call them that after the legal disharmony?) after the departure of regular bass player Adam Duce. The band seems to be getting back to the music and have released a demo version of a new track ‘Killers & Kings’ on limited 10″ vinyl for last weekend’s Record Store Day. This is also the first release to include new bass player Jared MacEachern. Jared played guitar for almost a decade with previous band Sanctity.

The track lends itself to an entrusted, tried and tested formula which in fairness wasn’t broken, so why would they change it? In saying that – with this being a demo – it has a pretty raw vocal over that very distinctive sound which was last heard three years ago on Unto The Locust. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long but with this track release I’m beginning to feel the excitement in anticipation of a new album in the near future.

Whether you’re in the Flynn or Duce camp, you have to agree this is a top track and a return to positivity for the band.

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