Metallica – Lords of Summer (Garage Demo Version)

Metallica debuted a new song at the weekend. ‘Lords of Summer’ is the first new material from the band in over six years which they unveiled on Sunday in Bogota, Colombia.

Mobile phone recordings immediately set the Internet ablaze with excitement. Such was the fervour that all the big media outlets from Metal Hammer to Rolling Stone featured a YouTube mobile phone video of the song, yet the biggest problem was the quality of the audio. Nevertheless this did not prevent a clamour of people coming in droves to listen (and watch) the unveiling of the latest track. Metallica obviously is acutely mindful of presenting new material in at least reasonable quality and have remedied the issue by releasing a “Garage Demo” version of the song. Actually, it’s better quality than the whole of St Anger!!

Even the demo sounds special; purposely a little raw, but the cleanest we’ve heard yet. On top of this (as part of their continuing Live Metallica project) you can now also purchase the Colombia show which is definitely better quality than the original mobile recording from the show!

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