The Responsible – King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 21/02/14

the-responsible-edge-of-my-gun-singleOff into the unknown I went a few Friday’s back to see 4-piece, The Responsible. Hailing from Paisley, the guys cite influences such as The Stone Roses and Kasabian. Hitting the stage at 10.15, it was clear that, despite not being the night’s headliners, the guys had brought a decent amount of support to see them hit the famous Tut’s stage. Any band from the west of Scotland and maybe even further afield dreams of plugging in up there.

Kicking off with their most recent single, ‘Edge of my Gun’ they immediately got the crowd on their side. A strong start to their set, with dueling guitars between singer Richard and guitarist David. No mistaking David, I’m pretty sure if we were to ask, he would admit to being a pretty big Keith Richards fan. He definitely has the rock star look down. Moving onto ‘Diamonds’, which has a strong blues/rock vibe and then the more nondescript ‘Twisted Fantasy’ I got the impression that the guys were feeling a bit nervous. It didn’t come across so much in their playing, which was excellent throughout, but more in their demeanor and interaction – or lack of – with the crowd.

This was rectified, however, in blistering fashion. ‘Just Like You’ was excellent and then into ‘I’m So Lonely’ you could see the guys really getting into their stride. Both tunes with a real kick to them with a similar blues feel to ‘Diamonds’. ‘High’ is where the John Squire influence became very apparent. Really enjoyable and definitely of The Second Coming era mould, however the guys segued from this into a well received but slightly shambolic version of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. After this, they hit us with ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’, a new tune they finished the night before the gig. A little disjointed and could maybe do with a bit more polish before its next outing. They finished up with the hard, powerful ‘Four Days’ a song packed with strong drumming and great groove.

A really enjoyable night, the band have a fair bit of promise. If anything, what these guys have to focus on is their stage presence and the way they use the crowd. The songs are strong and with some polish there could be a decent future for these guys.

Graeme Campbell

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