Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge

On this day in 1992 – that’s the 10th of March 1992 – 17-year-old me went to Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their Bloodsugarsexmagik album tour.

They were supported by The Family Stand and The Rollins Band and I couldn’t believe I was finally getting see my current favourite band RHCP live! I was so, so excited. They came on stage with ‘Organic Anti-Beatbox Band’ and played a whole set of brilliant old early career songs which I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing them play live since. Sadly, Bloodsugar… seems to be as far back in their catalogue as they dive today.

On that same day their new single, ‘Under The Bridge’ was released. I clearly remember being handed the flyer as I climbed the famous staircase. It was a black and white flyer with the word Red Hot Chili Peppers and Under The Bridge overlapping in red and yellow text around the border. I still have one somewhere in my memory box of music paraphernalia. The b-sides included the stellar track ‘Soul To Squeeze’ which should have been on the album and deserved to be a single in its own right.

So 22 years ago today ‘Under The Bridge’ was released. You will have no doubt seen the video 100s of times, but sit back and enjoy once more.


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