Elbow – Fly Boy Blue / Lunette

When they released Asleep In The Back and then Fugitive Motel I really loved Elbow. Leaders of the Free World were pretty damned close to their obtaining a hat-trick of genius.

Though somewhat different, The Seldom Seen Kid was immense by all accounts. It earned them the Mercury Music Prize and the band went on to become well-deserved stars. It happens, but where I got extremely annoyed with them was the fact that by the time they released and toured their next album, Build A Rocket Boys!, not only was the album sub-standard to earlier glories, but they had pretty much chosen to ignore their first three albums. One song. One song from pre-The Seldom Seen Kid was played on that tour. Nothing more. What about the fans who bought the first three albums, and saw them on every tour since Asleep In The Back? Essentially ignored for their new-found fame and followers.

I gave up.

Or so I thought. This week, Elbow have released ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ which is the first single from their forthcoming (and sixth) album The Take Off and Landing of Everything. At first blush, it sounds extremely like the Asleep In The Back-era.

Watch the video and take a listen below. I’m intrigued over what happens next.

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