10 Questions for Tijuana Bibles

TijuanaBibles_WildRiverIn October we brought you a review of the Tijuana Bibles’ first EP Wild River which impressed us enough to head out and see them support Deap Vally at Oran Mor on a cold night in November.

We then got in touch to find out a little bit more about this Glasgow foursome who bring their deep, dark, sexy brand of rock n’ roll to the masses as they headline King Tuts this Sunday.

Who are Tijuana Bibles , and where did you meet?

Tony met Behn at college and started writing songs at drunken parties before forming a band. A few months later there was a change in line-up when James joined the band after standing in at short notice to play a show at The Arches. Following on from that Mikey was asked to join having previously played in a band with Tony’s brother Danny (who also techs for the band).

We’ve been together just over a year and the line-up is James on Guitar, Behn on Bass, Mikey on Drums and Tony on Vocals/Guitar.

How do you approach songwriting and laying tracks down? What’s your recording process?

Generally speaking one of us will have the skeleton of a song and the others will put the meat on the bones. We live together so naturally we have some home demos flying around and we’ll often adapt those in the studio.

We always make sure we leave things open to chance and allow the song to evolve on the day of recording, and we’ll just jam it out in the studio. If something spontaneous happens in a rehearsal, we’ll take the risk and go straight to recording without any real structure in place.

How would you describe your sound to our readers who have not yet heard you?

Neo-psychedelic rock n’ roll.

What is the one stand out track everyone should hear?

The lead track from our EP is ‘Wild River’ but in a live setting we love ‘Runnin’ Red Fruit’. Our new single will be getting its first play at King Tuts on the 12th January so you can come along and tell us how it goes down.

What is the best gig you’ve played so far?

Our EP launch in the art school was sold out well in advance and the place was just packed full of good folk. The response we got, considering it was our first release, was absolutely phenomenal. Deap Vally was also a great night for us. We didn’t have a very long set time so we had to play all the classic hits back to back– people queued, and I mean this quite literally, for minutes, some times even seconds, to hear us.

What can fans expect from the live show?

A lot of energy, a lot of crowd engagement and an unhinged representation of our recordings. The metaphysical embodiment of “Fuck!”… sort of.

If you could land a dream support slot, who would it be with, and why?

Prince because he’d know where all the good wee pubs are.

What’s next for Tijuana Bibles?

We’re currently in the middle of recording our next EP which is due for release later this year but before that we’ll have a single out around March. We’ll have a few surprises chucked in along the way too so keep an eye out.

How important do you think an online presence is?

Extremely important. It’s enabled us to connect with audiences we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. In fact, for our show at King Tuts, some nice people from Scandinavia and Ireland are coming over to check us out. The thing about having an on-line presence is- it doesn’t matter how many ‘likes’ you’ve got or how interested people are in what you’ve had for breakfast – you need to make sure you can back it up when you play live.

In that case, where can people keep in touch and follow your movements?




Mikey runs the Instagram and he has an absolute beauty of a beagle so you should definitely go and check out Alfie.

Tijuana Bibles will be rocking out at King Tuts this weekend and we’ll be there to speak to them a little more and see how they get on.

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