Patent Pending – Brighter

Patent Pending - BrighterThere’s a pretty good reason that Patent Pending have the support slot on the Bowling For Soup farewell tour. They are very similar on almost all levels but you shouldn’t mistake them for a tribute band or a carbon copy, rather an evolution of hugely successful formula.

Musically it’s pretty much what you would expect to hear from the pop-punk genre – light guitars, chirpy quick riffs, solid bob-along songs, and no time wasted on solo fret-wankery – just effective catchy rock. Lyrically it’s smart and cheeky with some great lyrics delivered with a clear vocal. It’s a pleasure listening and absorbing the words properly and I’m glad they aren’t lost as they are a highlight of the album.

Opening with a short slow vocal led intro, the album leads into a song reminiscent of early catalogue Fall Out Boy but don’t let that put you off as the following track ‘Let Go’ is a gem. A twist on the genre staple breakup song it has a great little chorus with a comically unique “F—k you” that I’m tempted to turn into my text message tone.

It’s the fourth track that I think is my personal favourite of the album. ‘Hey Mario’ suggests that Nintendo’s mascot should stop chasing after a girl who clearly isn’t interested. It’s filled with classic gaming noises and references with smart lyrics and is a delight regardless of if you’re a Nintendo fan or not. There’s a video below though I’m not sure how official it is as I can’t imagine Nintendo licensing it when the song calls Princess Peach a cheating ho!

The other stand out for me is ‘All-Star Hipster’, a fully justified ribbing of hipsters. It hits the nail right on the head – we all know someone like the subject of the tune. I think there’s a guest vocal on the chorus (or one of the lads in the band has a really high voice) which jars in my ears a little pushing the song dangerously close to squeaky girly pop territory, but it’s hardly enough to stop listening.

‘Classic You’ keeps the Bowling For Soup link featuring frontman Jaret Reddick, whilst ‘The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief’ is easily the most piratey song I’ve heard this year which is an impressive considering the piratey themed nonsense I got up to last month (but that’s another story).

Patent Pending’s latest release is jammed with chirpy tunes, smart and humorous lyrics and lives up to its title; Brighter will undoubtedly leave you feeling that extra bit so.

As mentioned at the start, Patent Pending are on tour across the UK with Bowling For Soup right now. Check out tour dates here –