CHVRCHES – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 10/10/13

CHVRCHES - O2 ABC, Glasgow 2013Local band Chvrches have got quite famous in recent months. Their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, has made a sizeable dent in the charts, last week’s appearance on Jools Holland, and their US tour has been nothing short of extremely successful.

It is fitting then that tonight, the first night of their UK Tour since those events should happen in their hometown of Glasgow.

Hitting the stage at 8:45 the band launch into ‘We Sink’. The sound is pretty darned good, though if I’m honest I do think it lacks a little bass at first. Perhaps it is my rock roots, but having seen the likes of other electro acts from Little Boots and La Roux to The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers I know that the style of music certainly isn’t lacking in the lower range when it chooses to express it.

It took a few tracks for that bass level to improve, though I need to say that at no time did the mix sound anything other than precise and clear. It was just that to these ears the live sound would benefit from being deeper. Though what we heard was a recreation of the album in the live environment which any band would be proud of. Extremely proud of.

CHVRCHES play the ABCLauren Mayberry’s vocals were immaculate. There is no other way to describe them. If you’ve heard the album then you know what to expect. Live, she sounds no different whatsoever. I was seriously impressed. The rest of the band is equally capable, with Iain Cook and Martin Doherty playing a mix of synths, bass guitar and vocals to great effect. The talent on show was never in question, even more so when Martin and Lauren swapped roles during ‘Under The Tide’.

Working their way through their debut album with a lot of smoke and lights behind them, Chvrches provided little interaction beyond basic courtesy and left the music to do the talking. As the night went on the interaction and chat became more frequent – almost as if they were becoming more comfortable. A few times there was even a joke and a laugh with the crowd.

Though the crowd weren’t exactly working up a fever. The atmosphere for the gig was more polite and watching than jumping around and singing along. That led to it all being more of an interesting, “Right OK, show us how good you are”-type affair. The band more than proved themselves there with an ability to impress; the performance was excellent. Not jaw-dropping but I wager that in six months time when they roll back round to Glasgow and slay Barrowland I’ll be proud to say “I was there that night they played the ABC”.

CHVRCHES Setlist O2 ABC, Glasgow, Scotland 2013\

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