One Minute Silence – Fragmented Armageddon EP

OneMinuteSilencePR100611In 2000 I attended my first metal gig. That night at the Glasgow Garage I stood in awe as One Minute Silence decimated the venue. Fusing elements of hip hop with melodic and crunching guitars, they stood out from the generic rap metal bands that populated the scene at the time.

I left that night drenched in sweat, my eyebrow piercing ripped out and a massive grin plastered across my face

I continued to go see the band over the years including a sold out show at the Glasgow Cathouse, which is arguably one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. With three albums to their name, the band announced in 2003 that they were calling it a day. Eight years later came the official announcement that Brian “Yap” Barry (vocals), Massimo Fiocco (guitars) and Glen Diani (bass) had resurrected One Minute Silence and were writing fresh material with new drummer Martin Davies. Two years later and the Fragmented Armageddon EP was born, the band’s first new material in 10 years.

The last album, One Lie Fits All, showcased the band’s evolving maturity and introduced a prog like influence that could easily be compared to Tool. The EP’s opening track, “Fruit from the Lie”, is an indication that the band are aiming to continue in this direction. The soothing melodic opening also showcases Yap’s ability to sing as opposed to rap, however it proves to be the calm before the storm. Three minutes in and the rhythm section hits with the force of a bomb as Yap preaches his social commentary with venom. Despite the heaviness of the guitars the song maintains a beautiful melody complete with a complimentary tribal drum beat reminiscent of classic Sepultura.

“Pandemic Schizophrenia” is a stark reminder of the power that OMS possess. A thumping bass drum builds over a cacophony of noise before kicking into a groove that gets the head banging. The song ascends into full blown war by the end promising to be a live favourite for the fans in the pit. The band are still pissed off with the world and they’re letting you know why.

The EP also features “You So Much as Move” which was originally released on One Lie Fits All. A slow burning heavyweight of a track, it helps bridge the evolution between the last album and the new songs.

The rest of the EP is padded out with remixes of “Fruit from the Lie” and “You So Much as Move”. They come across as obvious filler and pale in comparison to the new material we’ve been starved of for the last decade.

Ten years have passed and it feels as if the band have never been away. Martin Davies may be the new boy on the block but his tribal staccato drum beats fit seamlessly with the band’s fractured yet cohesive style. With just two tracks OMS have reminded me of their importance in this broken world. Welcome back.

Fragmented Armageddon is released via iTunes on the 17th of June

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