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Killed The Fixtion

Proving once again the invaluableness of Twitter, I recently got in touch with the boys from Killed The Fixtion, an exciting new band from New Jersey on the east coast of the United States. Being a UK based site yet featuring great new bands from across the Atlantic just proves that music is a truly international language. But I digress; please take a little time to read and enjoy.

Who are you and where do you hail from?

My name is Nelson Ceron. I sing for this band called Killed the Fixtion or KTF for short. We’re basically all from Hillside/Newark but we all landed here from somewhere else, wink wink.

Please introduce the band members.

We’ll kick it off with the man behind the drum kit who goes by the name of Abbad Ibn Townsend. In charge of our low-end, we have another one of my dear friends Robert Asencio. The guilty party involved for all the sonic excess that you call guitar is none other than the man himself Mr.Jesse Katsopolis formerly known as Kevin Izquierdo.

How would you describe your sound?

It seems like it’s becoming increasingly difficult to accurately describe what we sound like, not because I can’t describe it but more because the sound and style of KTF is ever-changing. We don’t have a grand necessity to try and play the newest music we simply just want to continue it. As for a description, I’d say listen to us and make your own opinion.

Who are your biggest influences?

Another difficult question, only because our moods in life are constantly changing. It’s safe to say everyone in the KTF camp is open to all forms of music and we all do love metal. We each have a wide variety of music that we listen to including different genres of music as well as culturally different music. We all collectively look at music the same way, essentially there are only two kinds of music, good and bad, the end.

People will like your music because…

I believe we actually enjoy the criticism more so than the positive feedback. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the good as much as the bad, we just find it easy to reflect on what people think our faults are. I believe people will find their way into loving our music whether it’s an attachment to the instruments voice or simply just the melodies within our songs. We truly hope to prosper and captivate during our live shows. We hope that people fall in love with the live experience.

Best gig you’ve played so far?

Personally the best gig we’ve ever played has to be one of our earlier shows in which a lot of our friends & family attended. The reasons being at this show it felt like they were running through all the same emotions we were, interacting with us every step of the way or “set” hahaha. I felt the feelings of uncertainty and discomfort within the crowd. What made it the best show was when all these people decided to let go and feel the moment as oppose to fighting the feeling or the urge to move with us. I will never forget the moments people enjoyed with us during our performances.

What’s the bands greatest achievement to date?

The bands greatest achievement has to be the fact that we have stayed together for these few short years. In all honesty there were plenty of times in which this band could have never existed, but our decisions to stick it out with each other have led us to all of our achievements. So many of our peers have drifted apart for whatever reasons and in some cases even broken up. I’m just glad we can continue to create the same dream we all spoke of as kids.

Where can we get your music from?

You can hear all our music if you want on our SoundCloud. You can also find direct links to our music through our website, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, or directly through us. We will send you our music for FREE. All we need is your email. Just shoot us a message either directly through all of these social mediums or to our personal pages on any of these sites.

How important do you find social networking and the Internet as a source for promoting and communicating with your fans?

It’s probably the most important part of this band. We don’t believe that we would be where we are without. That’s why you are currently interviewing us. Bands really need to get serious about social media & above all else communicating with their supporters.

Where can people keep in touch and follow your movements?

People can communicate with us on all the links below
Website :

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