Megadeth – Kingmaker

The title track from Megadeth’s upcoming album, Super Collider didn’t exactly set the metal heather alight. It wasn’t a bad song, however the radio friendly vibe had some fear that Mustaine and co could be taking another Risk.

‘Kingmaker’ may put some of those fears to rest as it comes hurtling out the traps with enough thrash to hopefully appease the purists among us. The song sounds like the album opener it is, intent on reminding everyone that Megadeth can still shred with the best of them.

What is may lack is a catchy hook that is synonymous with classics such as ‘Peace Sells…’ and ‘Symphony of Destruction’ however it provides more than a “by the numbers” effort. Yes, we have Mustaine’s trademark sneer and two blistering solos, however isn’t that the appeal of Megadeth in the first place?

Despite the many line-up changes (Super Collider is the first Megadeth album since 1997’s Cryptic Writings, not to feature a line-up change from the preceding album) this will be the band’s 14th album in 30 years.

Not bad for a band born out of a grudge. Take a listen to the song by clicking below.

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