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SHF Storm Launch - 3 (Gareth Fraser 2012)We first featured Sonic Hearts Foundation last year as part of our New Band Spotlight section and it seems the band have continued their reluctance to toe the line with the norm; a reputation reinforced by their series of unique gigs across the UK. Gigs which are unrelenting in ambition from the visual installation events such as the debut single launch to an impromptu guerrilla gig in front of 2000 Pete Doherty fans from a rooftop opposite Glasgow Barrowland. The latter of which resulting in the arrival of Glasgow Police riot vans.

However it seems that not even a hefty fine from the Procurator Fiscal can deter this band on their musical quest; to do it their own way. Following on from last year’s debut single The Storm, Sonic Hearts Foundation step it up a gear with the release of their debut EP Into Forever. This four track EP – recorded in their home studio – gives a snapshot of the band’s unique and varied sound. A sound which refuses to be tied down and has elements of ambient, noise, alt-rock, synth lines and even Krautrock.

With the lyrical doctrine centred around the four main recurring themes of time, nature, death and war the EP. The tracks feature simple yet compelling bass-lines which sit atop addictive drum beats to take us on a journey as vocalist Anthony Henderson’s vocal creates an equally enchanting and haunting feel. His voice sits just below the mix adding to the a textured layers which you just have to listen to.

‘Azreal’ includes a lovely little guitar refrain which seems to ooze from the back of the mix to become stuck in your head long after you’ve stopped listening. The pace slows slightly with first single ‘Northern Lights’ with it’s elongated guitar notes and a gradual build. ‘U.S.A’ is moodier and a little slower again featuring some fantastic synth interludes and what sounds like vocals through a megaphone that I am sure will be fantastic to hear live. The last track ‘1984’ is no disappointment either. Somehow a cooler, less-arrogant Kasabian swagger runs through the song and when it gets going the rhythmic stance and lead guitar refrain make for a brilliant closer to the EP.

The EP is out on the 10th of June and until then you can download ‘Northern Lights’ for free by visiting Sonic Hearts Foundation’s Bandcamp page. And finally if you are in Glasgow the weekend of 14th June then you should head to Stereo where you can see them live at the EP launch! Tickets are £6 from Tickets Scotland.

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