Mixtape : March 2013 : The Easter Weekend

5819-hinder 4My first post of 2013 and as it’s Easter here’s the perfect playlist for you.

This one has a few bands that you may not have heard of. They are a few favourites of mine so I thought I’d share them with you all. Don’t worry, it’s not all potentially unfamiliar bands. There are a few legends of rock as well, so let’s get it going!

The 69 Eyes – Love Runs Away:

The first song and up and coming single from Finnish goth rockers The 69 Eyes’ latest album X. This song has all the things the band are about; dark lyrics, deep vocals and a chunky guitar riff. Great way to kick off the album and the chorus is very catchy too. In fact reminds me a lot of the band’s country-men HIM..which leads me on to…

HIM – Buried Alive By Love:

This track has become a classic not only with fans of the band but with rock fans in general thanks to its heavy guitars and fast pace. Pure rock and romance, just what you have grown to love from this band who don’t class themselves as rock or goth, but in their own genre.

Hinder – Ladies Come First:

This band has had a hard time with critics in recent years but still continue to produce some great songs. This is taken from the bands latest album Welcome to the Freak-show.  Hinder want to try to come across as an LA sleaze band, but the band’s sound seems to stick them in the same kind of soft-rock category as Nickleback. Great band though, and were amazing at Download Festival in 2007, playing inbetween Buckcherry and Megadeth (tough spot) but unfortunately they haven’t graced the UK with a tour since (I believe!).

Pretty Boy Floyd – Rock N Roll (is gonna set the night on fire):

As you have probably guessed I love a bit of old school hair metal. PBF are not the best band to come out of the hair rock era, but they are great fun. This song is so cheesy that Steel Panther would more than likely stay well clear off it. Have even more fun with these rockers and do a shot every time they say the words “rock n’ roll” (like the Rob Zombie drinking game).

Crazy Lixx – 21 Till  I Die: 

This is an anthem, so big that if it was 1987 this band would be selling out arenas around the world. Instead these Swedes rock all over Europe in small venues to a hardcore small following of fans. If you love Motley Crue/Poison/Faster Pussycat then do yourself a favour and check these guys out. This track is from the band’s second album New Religion.

Ratt – Best Of Me:

OK so when you think of Ratt you will more than likely think ‘Round and Round’ or ‘Way Cool Jr’. Both great songs, but for my playlist I have decided to take the single from the band’s 2010 album Infestation. An album which is very good. Fast guitars, heavy drums and singer Steven Pearcey’s vocals sound great. If you only listen to one song on this playlist, make it this one!

Hardcore Superstar – Split Your Lip:

The opening and title track from this Swedish bands last album is an absolute killer. As soon as the drums kick in, it hits you hard. Hardcore Superstar sum themselves up by saying they take a thrash guitar riff, but write a glam rock style song. It works well. Heavy, catchy and a perfect party band. Turn this one up loud in preparation for the bands return with a new album in the next few months.

Davey Suicide – Generation Fuck Star:

A new band hitting the road in the states. A mix of techno samples and very heavy guitars and drums. I heard about this band because ex-Murderdolls members Eric Griffin and Ben Greaves were touring with them (have since left). Fans of Murderdolls/Dope/The Defiled this is the band for you. Put your faith in Suicide!

Bullet For My Valentine – Temper Temper:

Bullet are back with a great sounding new album and this is the title track and first single taken from it. This is going to be a real crowd mover live as you can help but feel pumped up when listening to it. It seems to be getting some good Radio 1 airplay as well, which might not be “proper metal” as some metal-heads may say, but it is helping this band get bigger and bigger. Singer Matt Tuck’s new hairstyle though……lets just say nothing….

Metallica – Until It Sleeps: 

I love this song. I really do think its one of the bands most under rated tracks. A haunting intro that keeps building and building. I tend to play this one in my sets quite a bit and does get a good reaction on the dance floor. The Load and Reload albums are not – as a whole – the band’s most classic work but they do offer some moments of brilliance, and this is one of them.

Saxon – 747 (strangers in the night):

Time for some classic British Heavy Metal now as this play list winds down. Saxon are legendary  and in my opinion should be selling out the same size venues as Iron Maiden (let’s leave that debate for another day though). Picking one Saxon song is very hard but this one is just so amazing. Go catch them live on the up and coming tour if you can, because they still rock hard!

Whitesnake – Still Of The Night:

What can follow Saxon? This classic! And what a way to round off a playlist. David Coverdale at his greatest. This is a great air guitar song and one you can really rock out to. Also I use this song to throw in the face of anyone that says Whitesnake’s only song was ‘Here I Go Again’. This is pure rock class.



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