Travis – Another Guy

Travis have completed work on their 7th album.

Those of you who know me personally will no doubt be aware that I am a huge Travis fan. I have loved the band since their debut single ’All I Wanna Do Is Rock’ and own pretty much everything they’ve ever released; CDs,vinyl, all promo singles, and yes, even the Red Telephone Box 10″ debut (which I own on promo and was lucky enough to later get signed). Did I mention they’re the band I’ve seen live the most also? 32 times from Glasgow to Warrington to Las Vegas!

They are brilliant live – thanks in no small part to Andy and his love of AC/DC – a far rockier band than that which make it on record. There is definitely a larger article needed here which I will write once the album is released, however for now Travis has made the first song (‘Another Guy’) from the new album available free to download here.

To go with it they made a VHS(?) video which you can watch below. I’m liking the direction their sound has gone over the last three albums, somehow it seems more electric and this continues that trend.

Understated and very catchy.


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