Limp Bizkit – City of Angels (2012)

Limp Bizkit have a new album out next January and ‘City of Angels’ is the first single from it. It’s sounding mighty different; the new hip-hop record label clearly having an influence.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. On first listen, I kinda like it!

Gareth Fraser
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3 thoughts on “Limp Bizkit – City of Angels (2012)

  1. Daniel Jansson October 28, 2012 at 22:01 -

    It´s not the best from Limp Bizkit, but it aint the worst either, im going into this sound with an open mind as a Limp Bizkit fan, so i enjoy it. Will be interesting to see what the rest of the album will sound like, i have a feeling a lot of styles will be on board.

  2. I agree Daniel, it definitely isn’t their worst! 2001 was a long time ago now and even Linkin Park had to move away from the ‘nu-metal’ sound of that era. I am much more intruiged by the new album than I was before hearing this; let’s put it that way!

  3. This song fuckn rocks yo. Freddy d always busts it down good. I dont have one bad LB album, excluding New Old Songs that was just awful