Mixtape : October 2012

Howdy! Great to be back here on musicscramble with my second party playlist. In this playlist you will find a few big hits, a couple of classic tracks you might not know as well as a few modern tracks with a very classic feel.  As ever any comments or feedback are welcome, and if you discover a new band you like from the playlist then I will consider my job done!

So lets dive straight in and get this thing going!!!

H.E.A.T – Living On The Run

Starting off with a band few people have heard of is tough but this track has anthem stamped all over it. Swedish Rockers H.E.A.T  released their third album Address the Nation earlier this year and features a brand new singer. It is fair to say Eric Gronwall has done a great job with this being the stand out track and rightful single. I really do rate this band and anyone who is a fan of A.O.R. rock will love them to.

Reckless Love – Beautiful Bomb

To celebrate Finnish rockers Reckless Love’s massive U.K. Rocktober tour (including residency once a week at the Camden Barfly) I have included this great sing-a-long track. This is the first single taken from the bands self-titled debut album in 2009 . The song and the band have a very Poison feel to them and are defnitely worth a night out to see.

The Quireboys – 7 O’Clock

One of my favorite gigs of all time was seeing this band live a few years ago. Legends of British rock that deserve more recognition than they get. That being said I’m always surprised by how many people get up and dance when I include this in a set! Dirty, bluesy, and full of rock n roll. “It’s time for a party.”

Michael Monroe – Trick Of The Wrist

Opening track and second single from Hanoi Rocks front man Michael Monroe latest solo album Sensory Overdrive. The song is a real mix of Hanoi Rocks style classic rock and punk (no surprise here as most of the record was written by Ginger Wildheart) and even features a great saxophone solo at the end. What’s not cool about a sax solo??

Thunder – Dirty Love

A close friend describes Thunder as “what Whitesnake should have sounded like” but that’s a debate for another day. Like The Quireboys, Thunder really really do deserve to be so much bigger. They have many anthems but this is my favorite and always a crowd pleaser . From the first guitar riff to the last beat of the drum this song is pure dirt and sleaze with a great sing a long chorus to go with.

AC/DC – If You Want Blood (You got it)

In any rock/metal night, in any club, in any city around the world you are sure to hear at least one song from this legendary band. They have so many great hits that choosing one AC/DC song to play is sometimes difficult. I normally throw this one in just because it’s something different. Non-fans of the band will say it sounds like any other AC/DC song but I’m fine with that, because they are all bloody great. Fist pumping anthem, air guitar friendly, hell I’m even singing it in my head right now as I write this. Pure brilliance.

Kiss – Lick It Up

Following AC/DC in a playlist at a gig is tough. It’s got to be a good song that follows. People are demanding another sing a long…SO Lets give them “the hottest band in the world” KISS!!  Awesome riffs and the kinda chorus you can always expect from the band. Get those Gene tongues out and LICK IT UP!!

Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch

Modern day classic dance floor filler. This track always goes down a treat. Girls love to dance to it, and guys love to watch the girls dance or try some moves of their own! Taken from the bands third and most well-known album 15 this is such a great anthem and perfect for a night out.

Blowsight – Poker Face

Yes ok, I realize I’ve thrown in a band that not many people have heard of but this is a cover of a Lady Ga Ga song which lots of people (admit it or not) will know. The band have done a really great job with it, made it very dark and gothic. There’s not much else you can say apart from listen: you will love it. Blowsight themselves are a Swedish band that I saw at a gig in a support slot and have not heard much from since, but they have left us with this great cover.

Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

Let’s set the scene in a night club: You have had a laugh, a sing and a dance to the last track. You have drunk more than you should have and the night is almost over. You hear a familiar bass chord strike, the drums kick in. You’re on the floor, air guitar in hand. You are the coolest rocker in the world.

We all know this situation so well because we have all done it to the great anthem. Ok its cheesy, it’s an easy pick but it serves its purpose. Hell it’s not even the bands best song (that’s another debate for another day) but it’s dance floor gold, and the best way to end a night with a massive sing a long!!

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