Gazz Marlow and Exit Ten Launch New Campaigns

Pledge Music LogoIt’s not too often that Musicscramble does a fairly straight forward promo post. Two of our favourite artists have recently launched projects via the excellent, which has previously seen InMe, Charlie Simpson and Ben Folds amongst many others release fan funded albums, so it seems silly not to tell you about lots of new music!

First off is InMe’s guitarist Gazz Marlow as he follows in the footsteps of band mate Dave McPherson and launches his first solo project titled “Situations”.  We recently talked to him about his solo work and recent tour, so once you’ve pledged on his campaign, and grabbed your free download of the “Seagull Samaritan” demo, be sure to check out our interview.

Secondly, Exit Ten are aiming to release a bootleg EP of rarities. A bargain at £6, fans of the band are sure to want to get involved in this one. You can pledge on their project here, plus when they hit 100% of their target they will be releasing unheard song “Universe” as a thank you.

Both projects have lots of extras and incentives available including a 6-a-side footy game with Exit Ten and more importantly the two campaigns will see a percentage of the pledges donated to Sussex Cancer Fund and Cancer Research UK respectively, so not only do you get new music, you get to feel good about it too. You don’t get that sort of thing on iTunes, do you! So please, support your favourite artists and get involved.

Gazz Marlow –

Exit Ten –

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