Mixtape – August 2012 : The Party Playlist

Welcome to a new feature on musicscramble which we hope will become a regular playlist of great tunes to keep you rocking which some you may know, some you may not.

My name is Liam, I go under the guise of DJ Trashed a rock/alternative/metal DJ from Gloucester, England and this is my first post on musicscramble, and its great to be here. Hope you enjoy and comments are more than welcome.

As it is a Bank Holiday weekend, let’s get it started in style with a bit of a Party mix!

Hardcore Superstar – Beg For It

Swedish sleaze masters Hardcore Superstar mix metal with glam, which is nothing new, but Hardcore really hammer it home. Heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums and sing a long choruses. Beg for it has you begging for more…

Crashdiet – Generation Wild

Killer sleazy riffs from a killer sleazy band!! Perfect mix of underground / small venue / balls out rock mixed with arena filling 80’s glam. If you like this track, check out the video!

Poison – Talk Dirty To Me

If you want one song to sum up sleaze rock, this is it!! Dance floor filler, sing a long anthem if you have partied all night or just getting your party going. Just try to resist air guitar at C.C’s solo.

Mötley Crüe – Wildside

Monstrous Mötley anthem. Sleazy and heavy, just what you want out of the Crüe. Always a crowd pleaser. Mötley have many great songs that are perfect when played loud on a night out, but I choose this one just because of Tommy’s flying drum kit in the video! Oh and now we are getting wild…

Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild

No matter how old you are or what kind of rock you like, when this track kicks in your fist hits the air in defiance and rebellion!! One of , if not the greatest voice in rock history. The self titled album this is taken from is still one of my favourite albums of all time. Raunchy, rough and rocking, not a bad song on it!!

Billy Idol – Scream

Hate to use the term hidden gem, so how about forgotten gem? For whatever reason I never picked up The Devils Playground album when it was released in 2005 but loved this song which was the single released from the album. Then one day in an independent record store I found the album staring at me. This was the rightful single and stand out track. Great anthem, if a bit cheesy, but gotta love the blonde bombshell of punk rock!!

Black Stone Cherry – Blame It On The Boom Boom

Over the last year this has become a real dance floor filler. Dirty guitar riffs and dirty lyrics. Absolute party tune, but is it this bands best song? That I can’t answer..

Halestorm – Love Bites (So Do I)

Amazing live band who have got themselves a great anthem here. Catchy and raunchy, what more could you ask for. If you do get to see this band live there is one thing that will catch your eye… No i’m not talking about frontwoman Lzzy Hale I’m talking about the Drummer Arejay Hale, he is seriously crazy behind the kit!

Bullet For My Valentine – Pretty On The Outside

Shifting things a bit heavier now. I could have picked many other BFMV songs or picked a well-known single, but instead I have gone for this rocky number. Found on the band’s last album Fever this album closer kicks off with an awesome guitar riff which hooks you right from the start and will have you singing along by the second chorus even if it is your first time listening to the song.

Stone Sour – Get Inside

Since Slipknot front man Corey Taylor’s other band Stone Sour released Come What Ever May and Audio Secrecy people seem to have forgotten the début self titled release which kicks off with this heavy anthem. Shout out the words “Mother fucker” every time Corey yells “Get Inside” and you have yourself a metal anthem and long before we heard “Through The Glass”.

Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife

Packed full of emotion even more since The Rev’s shocking and sad death a few years ago. In my opinion this is A7X in their finest moment. The self titled album this track is taken from is good,if it matches up to the more recent Nightmare album as a full on album is for each person to decide. This track is about singing loud and proud with a very Slash feeling on the guitar solo.

Alice Cooper – Poison

Time to grab your loved one and have a soppy dance to Alice’s 1989 UK number 2 hit. A guaranteed sing along. Dark, Gothic and romantic with a nasty sting in the tail. This may be his commercial hit but still has rock pouring all over it.

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