Sonic Hearts Foundation – The Storm launch @ Glasgow Art Club 28/04/12

At the end of April, Musicscramble New Band Spotlight alumni Sonic Hearts Foundation launched their debut single, ‘The Storm’. To celebrate, they held a multimedia event in Glasgow which melded their unique sonic sound to imagery and played with the traditional band < stage> crowd set up.

Set in Glasgow’s Art Club, the band had set up in the middle of the room allowing the audience to move around the space. Behind there was a projector screen which added further detail. On arrival we were given a copy of debut single, ‘The Storm’ and a programme.

The programme showed that there would be two performances and during each the songs had been re-arranged slightly to produce a constant sound. There were no gaps between songs, each performance stood on its own as a single piece of music.

Each performance was bathed in dark shadows and blue light whilst the atmospheric soundscape drifting over dry ice presented a thoroughly enjoyable environment to be in. I’m not going to critique individual songs or share a setlist here as the overall show was the two 30-45 minute performances as a single piece.

Having seen Sonic Hearts Foundation live once before, I have to admit that this approach surprised me and I was worried how it would work. In some ways I much preferred it, and felt it lent itself well to their abstract sound. Their debut single is out now and is a perfect example of the clanging guitars meshed with a stomping bass line and distracted  (and distorted) vocal which made us stand up and take notice of Sonic Hearts Foundation in the first place.

Based on what we’ve seen live – and heard on this debut release – we are excited and will keep watch closely on what happens with this band next. ‘The Storm’ can be purchased online, such as via iTunes.

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